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14-year-old boy playing Guild Wars 2 addicted under treated

  New York--A 14-year-old boy because of playing Guild Wars 2 was became the youngest known online games addiction patients in New York. Now he was treated for a mental in order to return to normal as soon as possible.

  The boy lives in New York, according to his parents. He was addicted to playing the games at his 10 years old. And Doctor Richard Graham said that there will appear the withdrawal symptoms once he was banned to play the online games.

  "Addiction treatment is a difficult problem at present," Graham said. If the boy was not treated in time, then everything will get worse.

  Children's writer Carey said: "Online games will do badly for the children. Parents should pay close attention to their children."

  Playing online games for a long time can do harm for the children's psychology and communication skills.

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