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15-Year-Old Boy killed friend after losing some Guild Wars 2 gold in games

  By Calvin Stovall 05/06/13

  -- BOSTON On Tuesday, there's a case of murder happened in Boston and that has shocked many people. A boy was killed in the house, and the murderer was a 15-Year-Boy.

  "That's so unbelievable!" said Darren Gayden, the policeman of Boston. “The main reason is just because he has lost some Guild Wars 2 gold in game, and that made her anger. Then he has driven to the opponent's home and killed him."

  Both of them are under 18 years old, as we know, these games cannot play by people who under 18. But they may be outside their parents' knowledge, and were addicted to the game playing. And he we suggest that parents should pay more attention to the growth of their children so that to stop this happened again.

  What confused us is that we should not reveal any information about ourselves to other players in the game. And what's more, the capacity of players' psychological enduring should be stronger. We must know exactly that game is just game, not our life.

  Meanwhile, in response to this incidents happened again, the parents, Children, School, and the Society should all hand together to protect our Children growth healthy; That's also a warn for the games company to strict control of the players' age and make some professional psychological guidance.

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