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5 Things Making Gold in Guild Wars 2 You Don't Know

  The black lion trading company is an important part of Guild Wars 2. We can get Guild Wars 2 gold and items from it, and can also sell our products to all citizens of Tyria. So if you want to make high returns, the auction house is certainly a good place for you to make money.

  The basis of the auction house

  1, listing fee

  When you release a trade items, TP will levy a tax on 5% of your, this charge is not refundable, even if none of your items was sold out, this fee will still be deducted, that is to avoid people take the positions in the trade.

  For example, if you sell a carrot 100 of gold, listing fee would be 5 gold, even if it was not sold out, or deleted, five gold will still not refund.

  2, sales cost

  When one of your items is sold, TP will levy a 10% tax. This charge is for the goods sold out, so if your items do not sell out, you do not need to pay for this fee.

  For example, the carrots you've sold out for 100 gold, and then you need to pay 10 gold a fee. If there are no items sold out, you will pay nothing.

  Basic technology of the auction house's

  1, Price suppression
refers to your goods price is a little lower than the lowest price, so that your items avoid waiting in line and attract more attentions of buyers, usually 1 copper lower than the lowest price is accepted.

  First, you should be careful to use this way in the fierce competition, because if lots of people do that, the price may collapse quickly.

  2, Speculation, aim to sell items quickly and with more profits. It has five steps to follow with:

  (1), choose a profitable commodity

  (2), purchase more in order to gain the maximum return

  (3), excluding tax

  (4), calculate profit

  (5) ,get profits

  3, Forecasting

  Which is a higher skills and a risky approach, you can get value fluctuations in short-term or long-term trading, but it can make you lose everything at the same time, so you need to focus on the development such as version information.

  4, Market manipulation

  A person or a group of players attempt to monopolize a concentration of goods, causing prices to be high artificially, and lead to a huge increase in its profits, but this method is also considered bad for the economy.

  5, Spreading information

  This is similar to speculation, causing prices to rise, but it is generally not acceptable and is contrary to the moral, however businessmen will use all means to improve their profits.

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