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Are you suffering from "Search dependence"?

  Search engine is the entry-level application of Internet users. People with access to information through mass media and interpersonal communication before, with the search engines came out; the dependence of the mass media is reduced greatly.

  The emergence of search engine has reduced the threshold of most people to get information. A lot of people think that they can be easy access to any information, and do not need to self thinking, so that resulting in a lot of people fall into the "shallow reading" and "shallow understanding" state.

  What problems will happen if we rely on search?

  62.8% of people think that it will make people don't want to think independently;

  51.7% of people feel "less creativity and it has made people's thinking tend to be more simplistic";

  49.9% of people worried about "this information save in computer makes people no longer try to memory and accumulate knowledge";

  47.3% of people worried about relying on search will reduce their communication;

  45.9% of people think the search information cannot solve the problem ".

  For example, if I want to play Guild Wars 2, the first thing I always do is to search the game in Google and then read the reviews from other players, and learn more some information about this game, also Guild Wars 2 gold sellers are always important for me.

Even though the information shows are not so exactly, I think it is a reference for me.

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