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ArenaNet employees are forced to play Guild Wars 2 after work

  Recently, there are employees revealed that they are forced to play Guild Wars 2 after their work, when asked why the company forced them to do that, developer Toby Amarante said they are playing the game in order to familiar with the game and to test whether the latest updates adapt to players.

  Are many players may confuse that what equipment do the Guild Wars 2 workers used in the game, can other players seen the role information from them? Toby Amarante explained that developers and other employees in ArenaNet are playing in a game just like other players else, all private information was confidential, so they can enjoy the game like other players.

  In fact that the roles of the other players are public information, our character is listed in the ranking like all players, so do other developers. When they get out of their work, they will force to use free time to kill devil, and do the same behavior as the other players.

  Each developer has a different point and features, and they can get a different experience from this game. Guild Wars 2 gold is necessary for all players in the game; these employees also need to make their skills stronger. But they do not need to buy them from other stores. The company can support all items and equipment they need in the game. If playing the game, someone constantly pestering you asks patch release date or other similar things that will be a bad thing for them.

  While when they get rid of this update, they would make notes about the disadvantages which occurred in a game before. Every role has its own game experience. That's the same as employees in Guild Wars 2. We want to collect more from our players, and experience it for ourselves.

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