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Bad News for Gw2goldtaker: U.S Guild Wars 2 gold payee accounts were frozen

  By Claire Morris May 3rd 2013

  From the latest news of Gw2goldtaker that the bank accounts of Gw2goldtaker.com was deeply get into trouble now. And the site workers are solving this problem.

  Gw2goldtaker Department spokeswoman Damon Bomar said this morning that the website was attracted last night by hackers. And they are still not found a good way to improve this; they have asked the world's top hackers decode personnel to find the code which was embedded into our site. And for these customers who have bought Guild Wars 2 gold from our site, we insure that your private information will be taken into protection.

  We will announce the new trends of our solving. Here we do appreciate your patience.

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