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CEO Daniel Targeted in Gw2goldtaker lacking of Guild Wars 2 gold

  By Emma Horne 05/03/2013

  Guild Wars 2 gold lack of in stock is a big problem in the online market, and the opening beta of Flame & Frost: The Retribution, Guild Wars 2 online game players have increased rapidly. That also leads the Guild Wars 2 short of supply.

  At this moment, the biggest Guild Wars 2 gold seller Gw2goldtaker.com has made something of a difference. CEO Daniel point out that:" No matter how high the Guild Wars 2 gold is selling in other sites now, we won't increase our selling price at present, and we will collect the items from all over the world. We aim to offer players continuous products and will do our best to make you all satisfy."

  CEO Daniel even insisted that Gw2goldtaker will always be here with you.

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