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Comments: when computer instead of your thinking

  Nowadays, we are depending more on the computer. It can do the judgments and decisions which used to be made by people, should we worry about the future?

  This is a surprising situation. Although some people are doubting that whether it is really reliable to make decisions by those machines rely on induction and prediction, but in fact, these projections are coming out accurate incredible.

  Now, financial, marketing, law enforcement and health care and other fields, millions of decision are made by machine, more and more advanced technology used in the machine can predict human behavior. Forecast analysis technology is widely used among variety industry.

  In the operation of Guild Wars 2 gold, for example, the computer can predict the future source of customers, sales trend of the market, and then make the corresponding marketing methods to obtain the biggest benefit. But, if each gold company is doing so, what will be the whole market be? We don't dare to guess...

  And, of course, human prediction, forecasting of the computer is not perfect, but in many cases, indeed all forecast more accurate than human.

  In my opinion, computer can do help for our work and promote the development of the technology, but human beings can never replace by computer.

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