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Compare Guild Wars 1 with Guild Wars 2—which one do you love better?

  Guild Wars 2 have been published for several years, gathering a lot of players, not only those regular players but also some freshmen.

  However, as the second one, Guild Wars 2 is much better than Guild Wars 1, or even worse than Guild Wars 1? Different people have different opinions, and let listen what players have said.

  “I am pretty satisfied with Guild Wars 2, for its great picture and wonderful sound. I enjoy it.” said one of players, called Britan. And another player has the similar opinion, thinking that Guild Wars 2 let him find the fun, besides, Guild Wars 2 gold is in-improving, replacing many disadvantages in Guild Wars 1.

  While, some other players hold opposite views. “I am disappointed to Guild Wars 2. Professions in Guild Wars 2 have no uniqueness; skills are not pleasure. As for PVP, I don't want to say any more. Compared with other games, I don’t like the way of Guild Wars 2.” And, others point out that professions in Guild Wars 2 are fuzzy, anyone can be a tanker and a healer. Besides, the bugs appear once in a while, which make the players feel not so good.

  The vice manager in ArenaNet said that they would make change to suit players.

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