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Debate: WVW and PVP, which one do you prefer?

  Time of this activity: May 17- May 30

  Activity Rules:

  In the activity time, players can select according to their own ideas either square or opposition, neutrality, and put their own opinions forward.

  Activity rewards:

  We will send 20-100 Guild Wars 2 gold for good views.

  World vs.World

  WVW is a large PVP battle which participates in with hundreds of players. There are three large teams, of which each team represents a world server, fighting for several weeks in order to occupy the strategic goals in four huge maps. Each server has a huge map of the neutral center, and it was full of various strategic points and resources for players to win.

  Players can group to castle siege and attack convoys, or in a large battle to confront players, or to destruct behind enemy lines, and even built a powerful siege weapons, such as robot slings and siege.

  Players fighting in world war, they will gain experience and loot like in normal PVE. In addition, when the player is located server victory in world war, all players will receive rewards for this server.

  WVW is an epic PVP fight!

  Play vs.Play(PvP)

  Players in PVP contest are divided into a number of small groups, struggling to beat each other on the map and stronghold the strategic locations. For example, a player's goal is to grab a pirate ship destroyed the debris in a contest. While in another competition, it is the enemy's siege equipment to destroy.

  Novice and casual gamers can also easily add an ongoing competition, and immediately start fighting without a team in advance. If you want to win, competitive, and want to find a more professional, then you can join the tournament mode.

  This pattern team is coming with 5 people as the basic unit; organize by the player of each month. All players are standing on the same starting line in Guild Wars 2 PVP. When players use their roles to enter into PVP, they will be given the highest level and all the necessary skills, equipment, to ensure that they keep balance with rivals. There is no limit to the level, competition; you are ready to participate in every time.

  Funny, relaxed PVP arena experience is ready only for you!

  All these modes are not needed to pay for money, but if you want to stronger your skills or wear some clothes from the gem store, then you may need some Guild Wars 2 gold to change for these items!

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