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For all Guild Wars 2 players: Don't let games compromise your body

  When the "karoshi" become a regular phenomenon happened in the teenagers and office workers, this issue was carried out in the paper. If we are abandoned with too heavier pressures, what we need to do to keep our body healthy.

  Nearly 75% of Americans need to do their work by computer and standing in front of the desk for at least 10 hours everyday. The average American will work for almost 30 years in the life, that's to say, they will spend most of their life in sitting. These huge pressures come from work, family, society and life has forced us to get rid of a lot of fun.

  In order to relax ourselves, more and more teenagers like to play the online games after work. Because they can act as any roles they like, and fighting with the enemy to release their complaints. Such as a lot of people like to play Guild Wars 2, they are enjoyed themselves in the game, and spend some money buying Guild Wars 2 gold just to win the opponent. If they cannot finish the game, they will continue to play it for hours or even get angry and impatient at that time.

  I think online game is just a way of relax, what we do is to manage well of our mood. We should take into mind that the game is just part of our life, but not the all life.

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