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Former Goldtake, Co. staff was fired for selling Guild Wars 2 gold illegally

        By Chloe Roberts    02/05/13

  Colin Mckinnon who worked at the Goldtake, Co. was fired last month for its illegal trading.

  "We do not accept our employees dishonest, said Damon Bomar," as a Guild Wars 2 gold sellers, first we need to offer the best products to our customers."

  Colin Mckinnon has reached a sale amount of over $20 million last month, and that has broken the personal sales amounts in our company. But finally, we found that half of the products sold by Colin Mckinnon are lower that our limited line. That to say, we still need to pay for the loss which brings for our trading.

  What's more, the low price has broken the market order of Guild Wars 2 gold, and we need to explain the detail for all the buyers one by one. No doubt that has done a bad effect on the reputation of our site. So fired the staff is to warn other employees in our company that only an honest salesman can offer reliable products and service.

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