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Game player was tricked into $100 thousand buy Guild Wars 2 gold

  New York-- Game player James Bayliss was tricked into $100 thousand in losses on Thursday buys Guild Wars 2 gold from a phishing website.

  In one operation detailed by the indictment, the cyber heist paved the way for $100 thousand in fraudulent withdrawals in New York City alone in less than one hour. And the phishing website was prosecuted by James Bayliss with the accusation of deception crimes.

  James Bayliss remembered that: " I was playing the Guild Wars 2 game online last Thursday, and I was lacking of Guild Wars 2 gold to buy a weapon which in need. So I went to search a seller in Google, then I found the site: www.gw2gw2.com was selling the weapon at a low price. I registered in and finished my payment, however, when I finished the payment, there's a note showed me that: “Sorry, your payments are failed, please try again." I continued to pay for several times but still recieved anything, while a message was sent to me from my credit card which says that your card was deducted $100 thousand from an online site. That scared me...

  According to the investment, the site was a phishing website, which is located in Alabama. In just 1 hour, the cell executed about 3500 transactions in US, withdrawing 30 thousand from ATMs, officials said.

  After that, the site cannot open any more.

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