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GoldStar,co allegedly Guild Wars 2 gold trading procedure without license

  By Helen Evans 05/02/2013

  GoldStar, Co. is a company of selling game gold, and the legal person of this company was arrested last week for its allegedly trading Guild Wars 2 gold. The company was built-in 2009 and has run for nearly 4 years.

  Last week, many people were created from this site. It has published a statement that all the Guild Wars 2 gold and items listed on the site are up to 50% on sale. But buyers finished their payments and waited for 1-2 hours. They still not received anything, No explanation and no delivery.

  These buyers began to contact them via live chat or telephone, but no one replies. Three hours later, a buyer found that he cannot open the site anyway. So they reflect this to the inspection department at what has happened, the inspection department workers have looked at all the data of the site license, but they do not find the GoldStar, Co.

  Two days later, the legal person of this company was arrested for operating business without license.

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