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Goldtaker CEO: Online Games of Guild Wars 2 will instead of the traditional XBOX games

  CEO of the Goldtaker Gareth Owen said in an interview that the trend of online games instead of traditional games is coming now, and will come into true in the future.

  Gareth Owen expressed that the amount of online games with players is far more than playing the traditional games. Almost 6 billion monthly unique users visit the online games' site and joined in the game. In addition, the rate is rising now.

  Comparing with the traditional games, online games no doubt to be more flexible and full of fun. We can play with other players and that likely to be a real fighting in the game. We also will relax ourselves into the game such as Guild Wars 2. Only some Guild Wars 2 gold and items will be cost. The biggest adventure for online games is that you can play it at your spare time anywhere, by computer or mobile. While for the traditional games as XBOX, we can only play it in the house, and we need to connect the Xbox with our TV. That's too troublesome.

  A statistics data shows that: American people aged 18 to 34 who spend their time on playing online games are longer than playing the traditional games, the online games mean covering, while the traditional games mean participation.

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