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Guide to achieve ending achievement in Flame & Frost

  Ending with the living story of Flame & Frost, Guild Wars 2 US sever has updated with an achievement ending on May 12, 2013.

  Win a bonfire party

  Go to the lion's arch, Hoelbrak, or Black Citadel castle's victory can obtain a flame fire conventional achievement.

  Click the bonfire can also obtain a BUFF last 1 hour, which will give you a 10% increase in the role of all attributes, + 20% precious rate off, + 20% struck experience.

  If you want to know the subsequent plots of Flame & Frost, you can talk to the consortium delegates in lion's arch.

  You can find a prisoner in the fence area at the Black Citadel castle. There will be some melt alliance's argument.


  The cragstead has been rebuilt. Some merchant have returned to his career.

  Nolan north hatchery

  Charrs has come here again. The refugees leave away gradually.

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