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Guide to install Guild Wars 2 on windows 8 system

  Many players may confuse that how to install the Guild Wars 2 on Windows 8 system, here I'll show you the details:

  Main installation methods for Win8

  First step:

  Double click on the gw2 - setup. Exe file, and then enter into the installation wizard:

  Second step:

  Click next step to enter the setup program, select the installation directory

  Third, select the directory folder which you want to install in, the system will default to save it into Disk C, click browse if you want to do any changes. (we suggest you do not set it into Dish C)

  Fourth, select the next step to enter the game installation

  Fifth, Click “begin” button to install the game and install the client program. 10 to 20 minutes are needed to wait according to your computer's configuration during unpacking the game client.

  Congratulations! You have installed the game success. Click finish button to run your Guild Wars 2 now. 

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