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Guild wars 2: a Chinese players' review about it

  Guild Wars 2 is a huge MMORPG in China in 2013, and welcomed by the majority of Chinese players.

  This game gives us surprise in interface of create character, in order to improve the sense of playable and rich the experience of players, it has sets background for each role in game, you can choose the role characteristics by a career or race, and aim to offer different experience for each players.

  And the character model design is more perfect, a satisfactory face will naturally improve players to join in the game. And game scene is also filled with the natural charm.

  With active exploratory game mode and a lot of plot in Guild Wars 2, the game has complete matching sound effects and background music, even more the voice quality is very high, and different roles have different voice, that's really make the game a success.

  As for combat, this game is not completely locked attack, it has using skills such as the distance and tumbling to avoid part skills which refers to, it also makes the players hard to fight by standing pile completely, so that why the process are so interesting in game.

  And as I have played it only for two weeks, I think Guild Wars 2 is a great game which you are worth to have a try.

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