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Guild Wars 2 add new Dungeons on April 30's update

  Guild Wars 2 will end with dungeons on the update of the day after tomorrow. Plenty of players have discussed this in the Gurn hot.

  Many people worried that the dungeons will take a long time to play and may bother them anyway. Because casual players don't have a continuous one hour of uninterrupted play time to commit ourselves to such long dungeon.

  About this problem, ArenaNet has made a statement below:

  They said that the dungeon experience they have crafted is not simply possible to complete by groups of all different skill levels and compositions now, but more importantly that it is lots of fun and rewarding for everyone. And they will have been and continue to be addressed firsthand for the guys who more accustomed to solo play by their team!

  So don't worry about it, just go and have a good time in-game!

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