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Guild wars 2 cause above one million players loss of World Of Warcraft

  During the past three months, World Of Warcraft loss about 1.3 million players. What exactly is the reason lead to the loss of the player so quickly? Some experts point out that it’s caused by Guild wars 2, what do you think?

  The task system of WOW is more traditional, but rich of creativity, so never lack of all kinds of classic whimsy. Plot of warcraft series have many years of accumulation, is also very touching, but from CTM to now, because previous accumulation, plot is running out, the sense and closeness began to decline, new drama and a variety of  black classic characters, let a person feel slightly disappointed.

  The dynamic task system of Guild wars 2 is distinctive, players don’t have to receive the task or team can be involved in series of events around: small to help farmers deinsectization, big to kill the world big BOSS together with others and so on. And the monster attack even a little strike that means you participate in the killing, no need to grab, which is also humanized.

  In fact, these are two complete different games, blame all the loss of World Of Warcraft to Guild wars 2 is not that wise.

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