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Guild wars 2 China server total sales has broken 3 million

  ArenaNet company game producer Colin Johanson, indicated in an interview recently that the company are very optimistic about Guild wars 2 to march into the Chinese market.

  In an interview, he also mentioned that now to Guild wars 2, the accumulative total sales has more than 3 million, and still have lots players that has no chance taking part in the game now. Believe that the increasing of sales in the future there will be further. In addition, he also hopes that the Chinese version of Guild wars 2 can be close to the existing US version.

  Within a month that Guild wars 2 can achieve such a astonishing performance, from this we can see, how potential the Chinese market will be. Gw2goldtaker will adjust the direction to the Chinese market also well. Sure that the more players join the game, that the more Guild wars 2 gold will in need, and gw2goldtaker will seize the opportunity to expand the global marketing.

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