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Guild Wars 2 combat system show you a wonderful experience

  The game combat system has gone for a long time from the original fighting to the battle which just like in the real world. As a natural human instinct, "combat" has made a deeply impressive in human genes, so even in the virtual world of the game, we still longing for a more vivid and stimulus combat.

  However, in order to show a feeling of exciting for players, apparently the combat system cannot be too slow, and also can't stand in the same place to go on a "real-time" battle.

  Guild wars 2 have built a new combat system for players to fight just like in a real world. And players can feel physical characteristics in the process of battle: they can rolled away fly to avoid the shoot from arrows, and can also used weapons to swept the plural enemy stood in front of them, what's more, they can also be released skills continuously during their running.

  In Guild Wars 2, when you raise different weapons, you will be changed into different skills and that also makes up the different fighting style between different careers. Soldiers can fight with different enemies according to the skills. Even the same weapon has a different way for Thief and Ranger, such as the short bow. So you need to use some Guild Wars 2 gold buys the weapons which adapt to your character.

  In addition to weapons determined the skills. Guild Wars 2 has also introduced the concept of "combos". Players can combine the effect of the skills with area, to make different tactics effect, which may do a good difference at the critical moment in game.

  In the combat battle, you can experience a battlefield experience close to the real. This fantasy game experience will make your battle cool as well as a show.

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