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Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash events begins next week

  ArenaNet has announced in the official facebook that there will come with an event of "Dragon Bash" next week. And this event will go on for nearly a month from June 11th to July 9th.

  Players can build and destroy dragon portrait in the game, and they can also get some special rewards in the mini games like "Dragon Ball" and "Racing" including the unique weapons, arms, and dragon wings. With that reward, you do not need to waste money paying for Guild Wars 2 gold to change for them any more. Besides, the lighting ceremony in Lion's arch held on June 18th will bring a peak for this event.

  The theme event of Guild Wars 2 is just a huge festival activity which holds by ArenaNet; players can get some rewards in the specified map area. That's also become a big character of Guild Wars 2.

  This story happened in Tyria after 250 years. The world of tyria has completely changed. Feature of this game is that it offers players a world of constantly changing and mass of combat, and the game designed for a specific story with some elements. In addition to joining the jumping ability that players looking forward to seeing and players can even explore the adventure in a new underwater world to have their own fun.

  I think most of you may excite for this event! The trailer looked really fun, and the wallpaper is gorgeous! This may be your favorite yet.

  But, speaking from an artist's perspective, some players may have one bit of confusion about the wallpaper, actually. The use of real world city scenes in the lower left-hand corner is odd. Was this a design choice? Is it significant? Or whether the overuse of reference is a shortcut?

  All these we will find an answer at the coming event Dragon Bash next week; I guess most of you can not wait for its coming any more, yes?

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