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Guild Wars 2 Fan Art show combine Chinese and Western elements

  Welcome everyone to have a look at our latest Guild Wars 2 fan art show. We are always come out with some special art show for you.

  The fantasy epic game Guild Wars 2 has published a set of concepts; the concept exposure to players which has shown a Tyria world full of magical color, majestic grand scene which retains fantasy style of Europe and America completely. This beautiful impressionist art will lead players to enjoy an imaginative world of Tyria.

  Oil painting

  Concept art design is the source of Guild Wars 2 designers to make those amazing artists and creative works. The exposure Guild Wars 2 new concept in the original painting has shows the combination of western oil painting and Oriental style of ink painting, the mashup "freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting style with the characters of the guild wars 2 things on both ability and political integrity is sure to win the two major market players.

  The game concept of painting in Guild Wars 2 had selected to be the famous art magazine Image FX, which praised as the detailed and abstract concept art world; all of these in the game are unbelievable. But the art team on guild wars 2 shows an impressive game picture for us, which has made Guild Wars 2 into a perfect work of art, full of artistic charm.

  Guild Wars 2 has brought you a world of large scale, the story of five RACES in this continent called Tyria. This is a vast world, vivid majestically of human construction, at the age of the northern highlands of snow, the eyeful green ents field and so on, Guild Wars 2 is going to come with you enjoy the most beautiful and the most variety of amorous feelings.

  Tyria world is open to you, the vast world of mystery and suspense are waiting for you to explore, let us get together to set foot on the vast earth, and to feel its breathing with life, Guild Wars 2 will also lead you to enjoy the most moving scenery in this beautiful land, and to taste the legends and stories. Let us get together to have some Guild Wars 2 gold to begin our wonderful game trip now!

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