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Guild Wars 2 gold industry focuses on professional

  Online games are a popular industry, which welcomed by teenagers and office workers. Some people think it is time for Guild Wars 2 to stand out of the online market with new update Last Stand at Southsun, and Guild Wars 2 gold will come with a peak sale.

  This is the second year since the release of Guild Wars 2, while the Guild Wars 2 gold sales have made a growth of 15%, will continue to make a new break in this month.

  Jamie McDonald said: “We need to make our Guild Wars 2 gold sales go a way of professional and sustainable development, but we are far away from that goal.”

  In the latter five years, our biggest goal is to make our team professional and all of our products are going normalization. It is a must be for any Guild Wars 2 gold suppliers to offer a professional customer service and goods.

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