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Guild Wars 2 gold sales: Robots will take over our work

  Suppose that 70% of American will be fired tomorrow, what will they go to do? If half of the workforce was fired, I'm afraid that the economic entity will die out soon...

  Maybe it's difficult to suppose that 70% of work may be replaced by automation technology at the end of this century.

  First of all, for these industrial sector automated, the machine will be further consolidated their position.

  Second, robots will continue to take over the office workers' work. Many of our machines have artificial intelligence. Such as doing the work of selling Guild Wars 2 gold, robot will do all work under the control of a fixed procedure.

  As our works were taken over by robots, what can we human beings do?

  Although most of the work is done by robots, but only have robots can't guarantee success. Human beings task is to assign work to the robot - this is a never-ending job.

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