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Guild Wars 2 gold shopping guide video will be added to site

  Gw2goldtaker.com announced yesterday that in order to show an exact guide for the Guild Wars 2 gold buyer to shop at their site, they have added a program to show introduction video about the whole shopping and will invited some buyers to share their experience in this site.

  This new setting has brought debates in the company. Some people think that it is not necessary to show a video in website, because most of the buyers are familiar with the Guild Wars 2 gold site and do not need to watch more guide. If the video program was added into the site, which may probably affect the operating speed of the site, and may likely lose some buyers.

  While some people hold the different view, they think that a site excellent public reputation no doubt is a reliable seller. Customers cannot only share their good experience from our site, any complaints or unsatisfied are all appreciated.

  Personality, I do not support to add the video program into the site, because we always do not want to watch the video when we buy Guild Wars 2 gold from a site, what we care most is the price, delivery speed and customer service.

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