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Guild Wars 2 gold surpasses 10 billion sold in Gw2goldtaker.com

  In the report of annual financial earnings, CEO Gary Robinson in gw2goldtaker.com has announced that they have reached 10 billion of Guild Wars 2 gold sales so far.

  Guild Wars 2 is the top voted MMORPG overall the world, and gw2goldtaker.com as a retail sales company covered its business includes North America and Europe, even China and South Korea. Guild Wars 2 gold has gained a sale of 10 billion since the games released on August, 2012.

  Guild Wars 2 is updating with many contents added to, and developers are devoting themselves to offer a high quality game for all players. It has done a lot of changes to improve the game more playable and adventure, and gives more rewards in the game.

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