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Guild Wars 2 has participated in China NGF2013

  On May 18, e-sports game event - NGF2013 officially launched in Shanghai.The largest game company HongZhong Net was also taking part in this event with its Guild Wars 2 China Beta, as the only one MMORPG game, it has caught a lot of players' eyes with its special game characters and excellent element of e-sports.

  ArenaNet vice-President Randy Price event attended the game. And he has made a statement that the core of ArenaNet is to innovation and to constantly challenge the traditional rules of existing MMO, in order to create a real, vivid and evolving online world. He also said that each player is unique in the game; they are free to make some fighting with many movements, to change the dynamics events in the game world, or even the world systems, PVP and WvW.

  What make Guild Wars 2 become such a popular computer game are the characteristics of these core ideas.

  Focus on PvP, and combine with some e-sport elements

  A lot of players are keen to PvP and e-sports. The world war is a big PvP battleground. Hundreds of players can fight in there, to control the forts, casting arms, invading and depot, etc. In such an open field, set a week as the cycle, there are thousands of players fighting at the same time. As if in a real-time strategy game and everyone is a member of the RTS war.

  Guild wars 2 is to design a new 5v5 PVP, and is committed to research and development of the e-sports patterns, including joining the observer pattern, custom arena, etc.

  NGF is prestigious professional e-sport event in the game industry, thousands of e-sports enthusiasts participated in this event. Guild Wars 2 caused a lot of attention rely on a number of innovative features and PVP e-sports elements.

  E-sports players said that PVP content has collected lots of interesting elements in Guild Wars 2, with high action of sexual freedom, strong combat in World war, and provides a large space for players in the game operation, experience. And it is a game worthy of spending Guild Wars 2 gold on it.

  As a MMORPG game, Guild Wars 2 has broke traditional MMORPG online games station pile output of combat mode, and combine the highly liberal movements with fierce battle mode, which has created a unique gaming experience, and has greatly enhanced the interaction of the player, inspired players' enthusiasm to play it.

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