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Guild Wars 2: Have a look at evaluations from authoritative media

  Guild Wars 2 has caught many eyes since its release in August 2012. It is also voted to be the top welcomed online games. Some authoritative media have also given their high praise on it. Here let's have a look at what does they say:

  IGN: This is a game worth to have a try, even if you're not good at fighting, there're a lot of exploratory content provided for you to discover. High level is not the first goal of the games. Both players in PVE or PVP can get the content they want in a short time. And the games are continuing to add new contents and fix the bugs, the game is balanced and has a plenty contents of experience, it is worthy of calling as a masterpiece.

  mmosite: In general, with unique artistic style and technique of expression, Guild Wars 2 shows us a free and different games world from other game world. It has a dynamic PVE exploratory, also has a rich variety of PVP battlegrounds. Even though this game is under improvement now, still a lot of players are enjoyed with its amazing experience.

  And we believe that with more and more contents added into it, the world of Guild Wars 2 will become more interesting and more competitive for the battlefield.

  Forbes: Guild Wars 2 is an epic fantasy online game, a game with strong sense of reality. Each system is exquisite, and will bring you into the game with a feeling of relaxed and natural, fresh and exciting. For these who have interest in this game, just have some Guild Wars 2 gold to go with others.

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