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Guild Wars 2 is under development, no exact release date reveal

  Ended in the first quarter of 2013 NCsoft earnings conference call, the company's managing director, Nah Seong Chan ArenaNet revealed some information about MMORPG Guild War 2, he said: "we have embarked on the development of Guild Wars 2 expansion pack, the publish time is not sure at present, we are continuing to observe the situation. We must analyze the manifestation of the game to decide what time is best for releasing the expansion."

  According to the NCsoft's first-quarter earnings, Guild Wars 2 has earned 34.7 billion won for the NCsoft, although the game still earned a "strong" sales, but pay one-time purchase and mode micro transactions in game also limits the subsequent earnings, there has a obvious gliding compared to the fourth quarter of 2012.

  In order to stimulate the further development of the game, we believe that NCsoft will take some method to improve the sales. And we believe that the expansion of the issued officially published will not be too far away.

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