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Guild Wars 2: LFG Tool and Skyhammer PVP are coming soon

  New items are coming in the US Guild Wars 2, there are some players found some interesting data files in the game, among these contents, LFG Tool and Skyhammer are catching most players' eyes.

  LFG Tool:

  109814_0598 Click here to list your party for others to be able to search for.

  109814_0599 You must select a filter from the left before you can advertise your group.

  109814_0600 Your group is currently listed for other players to find.


  109814_0130 Use to maintain control of the Skyhammer cannon and to call down lightning and vaporize your foes.

  109814_0145 Skyhammer Cannon Overcharged

  109814_0158 Skyhammer calibrated for Red Team.

  109814_0161 Halt all movement. Experiment incoming.

  109814_0163 Test subjects may experience dizziness, confusion, and death.

  Furthermore, there are several items lie in the store, including the felling axe with unlimited use, a dragon box full of fireworks and sundries, a mask, a set of women's wear school uniforms, and a series of bathing suits. What’s more, the most important part of the outfit and swimsuits is coming on the way. That will totally change the face of Guild Wars 2 city fashion any way.

  Even though ArenaNet still not published any news about these items, while we all know the Dragon Bash Festival is coming soon. All the above items can be purchased by some Guild Wars 2 gold. Are you interested in these new contents? Why not choose some suits for your character here?

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