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Guild Wars 2 may probably become the best MMOs

  A lot of players are guessing that whether Guild Wars 2 will replace the place of World of Warcraft and become the best MMOs in the online game areas. The answer is sure, especially for the Blizzard has lost plenty of customers.

  The online games are undergoing great changes. Blizzard and ArenaNet the two big game companies have become the main competition now. Blizzard is popular for several years with its masterpiece World of Warcraft and other games, while ArenaNet has a quick development with the coming of Guild Wars 2. World of Warcraft has lost almost 2 million subscribers up to now, more and more players give it up to continue to play this game because of the boring stories and content in the game. New players do not even want to join in the game to play, and old players also do not like to support this game any more. They turn to select other game to play. While Guild Wars 2 has a growth since the release of this game, there are a large number of players take part in this game to have a good time, Guild Wars 2 has added new content and updates all the time. Players in this game cannot be only easy to get a high level and gain some rewards of Guild Wars 2 gold or other things when they win a good achievement.

  It is said that World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 are two big online games which have collected so many players, they can help each other to get a better result, and they can cooperate with each other to make a success.

  On the other hand, there is another case that is Guild Wars 2 will become the winner. Of course, ArenaNet has a professional and young development team, most of them are skilled in the game industry. They are bringing new technology to the team, and all of them are love online games. What's more, Guild Wars 2 has joined hands with several large game companies to make the game more interesting.

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