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Guild Wars 2 on consoles may have been a thing

  At one point, Guild Wars 2 on consoles may have been a thing, as ArenaNet did some initial testing for it, but it appears as if the project has been scrapped. Speaking to Eurogamer, Lead content designer Mike Zadorojny explained, "Development for console was something that we did experiment with and try. But we were always committed to making sure that we were PC platform first. And especially as we move towards this living world strategy where we're trying to release content as fast as we are -- trying to do that on a console is extremely difficult."

  Given the recent announcement of bi-weekly content updates and the concept of an ever-changing game world, that makes perfect sense. Eurogamer points out that although there may be some issues with console MMOs in the current market, the future may be looking brighter, as Sony has allowed more lee-way for F2P, and Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are launching next year on consoles.

  Zadorony says that he's "curious" to see whether or not that works out for them. So am I!

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