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Guild Wars 2 player made real quaggan hats

Do you still remember the items revealed by the black lion trading company, which showed us several fashion and lovely headwears. Among that item, the quaggan hats are seems to be more interesting.

  If you are a Guild Wars 2 fun, you may purchase them for some Guild Wars 2 gold, and choose the one you like best from the gem store.

  While for these manual lovers, there are some players who even made some real wonderful hats and series products of quaggan. This looks like so amazing!

  As we all know, quaggan is one of the races in Guild Wars 2. It is known as a peaceful and kind creature. And they will be angered when they get into destroyed, they may also do some trouble with aggressors especially for the krait.

  Quaggans are very peaceful and they do not want to fight against others in combat. They always unfailingly polite and do not want to hurt anyone else. Quaggans are mainly lived in the unending ocean and the unnamed seas to the north in the early years, while after krait invaded their homes, they are beginning force to move to the Tyria. Nowadays, they are still having no places to go to, that made them have to run out of the world.

  Quaggans do not want to bother anyone; they only want to find a place to live in. But that seems to be a hard thing for them.

  They are always wearing comfortable clothing which as a sign of individuality and pride, and their clothes are consists of scale-sequined head-pieces with long, beaded harnesses around the upper chest and arms. They are always attended a festive occasion with these feathers clothes.

  The clothes are symbolized of them, which makes them different from others. While our players are like to wear these clothes which designed as the clothes of quaggans, they are expressing love for the quaggans race.

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