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Guild Wars 2 player plays 8 Characters at the same time

  When asked how many characters have you played in a game, most players may have tried one to three. However, there is a player in Chicago who has played 8 characters at the same time in Guild Wars 2, James Bance.

  Imagine that when you played a character in a computer, and then you may also take a close look of other characters which runs on another computer. How can you do that?

  Many players are expressed that it's difficult to play more than one character at the same time. Usually, you do not have much time to play it by hand.

  What does James Bance get it?

  After made an interview with him, reporter of Gw2goldtaker.com explained the details for us: James Bance has used a program in his five computers to run according to the procedure, and these characters can do most things like people. They make Guild Wars 2 gold in game, and join in the game to fight against the enemy are all settled as a fix way.

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