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Guild Wars 2 players in US more than half of China

  Guild Wars 2 has opened its official beta on both US and China. It has collected over 1.3 million players in the US, and more than half of American adults are young players.

  While China as a large country has so many people, Guild Wars 2 players are even less than US. The finding from Gw2goldtaker.com Research says that US as a developed country. Online games are recognized by most of the American. However, China has a large number of players. Most of the players are spent their time on playing the games free-to-play.

  Jacqui Stewart, researcher of gw2goldtaker.com, said that most of Americans are like to play online games when they get out of work. Online games are designed with a lot of fun, and all online games are developed for several years which developed by large entertainment companies. They are working on the game itself, and considering how to offer the best game for players.

  However, game companies in China pay more attention on how to make more money, they do not care much about the game itself, what they want to gain is to earn more money by selling items in game. Most of Chinese games are opened free to players so that to attract more players' eyesight.

  Guild Wars 2 is a game which needs to pay for, so some players won't buy it and try to play it no matter how good does the game. And developers are said to design referring to the Chinese element. However, the result shows that they did not do a good job in China.

  Rather than spending a lot of time on selling Guild Wars 2 gold or items to make money, I think ArenaNet need to design this game according to the situation of China.

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