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Guild Wars 2: The most anticipated game of IGN

  Imagine Games Network which is known as "IGN", this is a British multimedia and review site founded in September 1996, and which mainly review the object for video games. IGN game point is based on its employees' comments, then gives a plus or minus 0.5 units, from 0 to 10 points, to decide the playability of the game. Score depends on different factors, such as the performance, images, sound, style, attractiveness, but the total score is not by calculated this numerical, and it is independent. So IGN trusted by the players and fans for its fair game scores, which have become one of the most influential media game in Europe.

  Guild Wars 2 as the masterpiece of a new generation of ArenaNet, has drew numerous European and American games authoritative media's attention since the beginning of research and development, IGN was one of that media, Guild Wars 2 was loved by IGN because of its traditional revolutionary and innovation, and has won the most anticipated game "award" in 2012 of IGN.

  After that, Guild Wars 2 was voted to be the top list in the best PC games in 2012, which has achieved over three-quarter votes from the players.

  IGN published game score after the voted, and Guild Wars 2 as a PC game which has gained a score high on 9 points, and has won great praises.

  Presentation: 9 points

  Impressive attention to detail across every aspect of the game, from the excellent mini-map to the in-game menus. Still buggy in spots, but not terribly so.

  Graphics: 10 points

  If you have the hardware to turn up the settings, this one of the most beautiful virtual worlds ever created.

  Sound: 8 points

  Excellent music and sound effects, though the voice acting is inconsistent and during story missions can feel flat and dampen a scene's impact.

  Gameplay: 9 points

  A flexible class system, the strengths of which don't become apparent until you enter the PvP arenas and dungeon content.

  Lasting Appeal: 9 points

  A gigantic world to explore, a masterful PvP mode in World versus World, and plenty of events and higher difficulty mode dungeous to keep you busy after you've hit 80.

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