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Guild Wars 2 tops MMORPG 10 hottest PC games in 2013 list

  Guild Wars 2 as a MMO which has tops in MMORPG.com ten hottest PC games in 2013. This game has been welcomed by a lot of players since its release last year.

  Last month, mmorpg.com has made a vote for players to select the best PC game they like. And Guild Wars 2 has won the highest votes, which list in the top and has beaten other PC games and praised to be the best PC game in 2013.

  Guild Wars 2 has done a great job on the dynamic events system and several living stores update following the time. And its unique combat mechanics leave players a different game experience. WvWvW PVP has provided a wonderful world for players to explore; there are also some rewards like Guild Wars 2 gold and other items were given to the winners.

  Guild Wars 2 is a wonderful game which has done better and beyond our expectations, and also brings us more fun in our life just like a meteor hit the satellite. You can join in the game just to explore the wonderful game stories or combat with your friends, no matter what you do. Guild Wars 2 allows you to have your own fun at every minute. You can join the snow battle, start to look for eggs as predators, hide-and-seek with guns and protect their homes under the attack of ice insect, save the village under the claws of the bears, and destruct the portal of Chitauri family in "Avengers". Regardless of your living, these dynamic events and more games are played in real-time, which makes Guild Wars 2 just like a real world, and its ubiquitous playable that you also cannot experience in other online games.

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