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Guild Wars 2 Welcomed its Chinese Closed Beta

  Guild Wars 2 game is well known by many players from US and Europe, and at present, we've heard that Guild Wars 2 will have an announcement on May 2nd through May 9th. Colin Johanson and Isaiah Cartwright will announce the date for the first Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta Test in China.

  There is no better news than that. Thousands of Guild Wars 2 Chinese players can make their own roles in the game. We're here face to face with the realities that Guild Wars 2 is opening soon.

  It remains to be seen that China is the world's largest online gaming market, and even take over one-third to the global revenue in this sector. ArenaNet has also done some changes in order to meet the need of Chinese players.

  Here we can't help but wait for its coming. Some Guild Wars 2 gold or items are important for buying weapons or beautiful clothes.

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