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Guild wars 2 win the best online game for 20 years in German

  Recently, the two games developed by NCSoft company Guild wars 2 and Wildstar, received high praise in Europe and German. And Guild wars 2 is rated as “the best online game in 20 years”.

  As for the selection of Germany largest PC game media “PC Games” for the “the best online game in 20 years”, Guild wars 2 win the first place, and the predecessor Guild wars rank the third. The sales of these two games has already broke through 10 million.

  And here we look back upon the big prize that Guild wars 2 ever won.

  In 2012, Guild wars 2 landslide to win the IGN players choose bonus award. Guild wars 2 defeat 49 global competitors, obtain about a quarter of the votes and no doubt to receive the honor.

  2011, Guild wars 2 outplayed Battlefield 3, Batman: the city of forrest gump at the Eurogamer Expo, won best displaying game. During the competition with Battlefield 3 and Batman: the city of forrest gump, Guild wars 2 won the love of editor, and emerge from 10 nominations game at Eurogamer. Eurogamer magazine editor Tom Bramwell high praise on the game: “nomination game strength this year, almost hard to choose, but Guild wars 2 ultimately rely on unimaginable depth and innovative design top the list.”

  2010, Guild wars 2 was rated German Gamescom 2010 best online games. Gamescom as the largest fair in Europe, together with E3 and Tokyo Game Show to be the world’s three largest exhibition. At the exhibition that time, Guild wars 2 defeat numerous global famous online games including Star Wars: the old republic and World of warcraft: cataclysm to win the honor.

  Of course, the award Guild wars 2 is more than the above, we just select some famous examples to share with you.

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