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Gw2goldtake.com: game adjustment leads to sales fall

  Gw2goldtaker.com reported the sales figures of the first quarter in 2013 on Thursday. Game adjustment is the main aspect.

  The company has gained revenue of $65 billion in the first quarter of this year, up 13% over the last quarter of 2012. The poor sales are lower than expected. That may affect the companies' annual performance.

  As Senior Customer Manager Charles Ammon said that the main aspect of these poor sales is because of the game itself. Guild Wars 2 gold is the main resource of the income, while ArenaNet are hit the Guild Wars 2 gold trading in this month, they are banned accounts of players who bought Guild Wars 2 gold from our site before.

  However, many players have reflected this problem in Guild Wars 2 official forums that buy Guild Wars 2 gold is necessary during their play the game. So Guild Wars 2 official has released these banned accounts.

  Here we expect sales of the second quarter of Guild Wars 2 gold to be "challenging," and reach a growth of 8%.

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