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Gw2goldtaker apologizes to customers for the delay of Guild Wars 2 gold

  By William Gerada    05/03/2013

  "We are sorry for any inconvenienced caused for you, and we have checked the details of the delay which occurred at our site Gw2goldtaker.com. Now it runs normally". Mark Fenix, the site worker apologized to all the customers of Gw2goldtaker.com.

  Last night, Gw2goldtaker.com has gone with an error in the website, when we finished our payment, the site always present a presentation that "your payment is failed, pls try it later." But when they check their bank account, they found that the money was deducted. However, Guild Wars 2 gold did not delivery to their accounts. Three hours later, some players have received the Guild Wars 2 gold gradually, that made them so depressed.

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