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Gw2goldtaker sales up from last quarter

  A recent earnings report suggests that Gw2goldtaker's sales have increased from forty thousand in 2012 to ninety-one thousand in 2013.

  Meanwhile sales were up thirty-five percent and net income was up forty percent from the last quarter, sales were up third- one percent and net income was up three hundred and twenty percent year-over-year. Guild Wars 2 accounted for eighty-one percent of sales in the first quarter.

  While sixty-four percent of Gw2goldtaker's sales were in America, only thirteen percent were in South Korea and eight percent in Europe. The increase in America contributions was due to "the increase in Guild Wars 2 package sales," according to the report.

  All of Gw2goldtaker's subsidiaries posted increases in sales from last quarter including the market in China.

  Besides, according to statistics in the report, the sale of Guild wars 2 gold makes a great contribution on increase.

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