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Gw2goldtaker will invest 30 million dollars to build brand in India

  According to The Hindu report, gw2goldtaker is going to invest 1.75 billion Indian rupees ($30 million) at the Guild wars 2 gold market in India.

  Although there is no specific server for India right now, but maybe in the coming future, NCsoft will create one for the big market, and now Indian players can through the English version or the Asian version to enjoy the game.

  Now gw2goldbuyer now set up a website for Indian players already, and to attract more new customers from India, the price at the Indian gw2goldtaker Guild wars 2 gold ordering page is about 5% off then the price at the English ordering page. It’s reported that the goal of gw2goldtaker in the next six months, is to sell at least 1 million Guild wars 2 gold and items.

  The gw2goldtaker India business development department executive Carey Plantz explained that, “we will put about 8% to 10% revenue of Guild wars 2 gold for investment. And this year, gw2goldtaker decide to work on the Indian market with the investment of $30 million. The spending will be mainly used to enhance our retail network and brand construction work.”

  Plantz also indicate that “before the the Indian religious holiday Diwali, gw2goldtaker will release more equipment to expand the product portfolio. Sure at that time, not only Guild wars 2 gold is selling there, all the items and equipments on sale at the EU and US market will be add to the Indian market.”

  What’s more, as for the report, gw2goldtaker has already reached cooperation with Flipkart and Snapdeal domestic e-commerce giant, through these two companies’ online store to sell more Guild wars 2 gold, and to make more players access to gw2goldtaker.

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