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Gw2goldtaker.com acknowledges it is looking for a sale

  Danae Suttie confirmed that gw2goldtaker.com is looking for a new sale on Guild Wars 2 gold last Friday.

  In a conference among several Guild Wars 2 gold suppliers, Danae Suttie has revealed that it is true for their company with a bad manner in Guild Wars 2 gold sales in the first quarter of 2013.

  If the company wants to gain a high sale, it would be bringing some new elements into. The company should make competition with others in business, and technology is also a big problem for the company to develop some useful systems to make the site secure and well known by the players.

  In the case of economic recession, Danae Suttie said that it is urgent for gw2goldtaker.com to increase its sales due to more and more suppliers built up. They have lost some of the old customers due to the delay in delivery, and now it's time to attract more players come to visit their store. Gw2goldtaker.com has held a series of activities to draw players' eyes, such as Guild Wars 2 gold free send, contest, and discounts.

  Gw2goldtaker.com will do some methods to improve the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold:

  First, it is necessary to call for the old customers back to their site to make order again. More emails and discounts should be given to thanks for the support of these buyers.

  Second, price and delivery speed must be competitive comparing with other companies.

  Third, great customer service and new functions will make a good performance for customers. Usually, if they have get a good shopping from there for the first time, then they will come back again if they need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold next time.

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