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Gw2goldtaker.com and topgw2gold.com are face-off now

  In the Guild Wars 2 gold sale market, gw2goldtaker.com and topgw2gold.com are showed their different marketing method to promote the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold.

  Gw2goldtaker.com is a company which devoted itself on Guild Wars 2 gold, and constantly providing Guild Wars 2 news, game guides, and some helpful information for players. The site is founded in the United States, and with six years' development, it has expand its business to Europe, China, and other areas.

  They are promoting its products via facebook, twitter, and other social methods. In the future, gw2goldtaker.com is preparing to develop its business on APP and new systems to make the site become a platform for players to buy Guild Wars 2 gold convenient here. Gw2goldtaker.com always held activities for the old active consumers and new visitors. They can enjoy a discount from these activities or even gain some Guild Wars 2 gold from that.

  Topgw2gold.com pays more attention on advertising, the main customer source of this company is comes from advertise. They are offering low price to attract the customers' eyes, and that's a good way to attract players.

  While comparing the two companies, gw2goldtaker.com is more like to give players a useful information and kindly service. While topgw2gold.com is fast to delivery the items you want to you as soon as possible.

  "If we provide shopping experience that the consumer can't get anywhere else, they will choice to buy Guild Wars 2 gold and items from us, they can also have a tremendous amount of fun, they may also recommended our site to their friends," says gw2goldtaker.com President Reggie Joaquina. "

  The competition between the two Guild Wars 2 gold companies will be played out over the next five years, Reggie says. "Who came out the winner at the competition? The consumers."

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