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Gw2goldtaker.com auto-organize system was taken into use

  Gw2goldtaker.com spokesman has announced that they have developed a system which can organize personal information automatically. The system has taken into use from last week.

  It is the first system which used into an online store to recognize the personal information, and being an intelligent system it works the same as human being.

  Instead of workers, the new system is faster and effective to figure out the customers. They can record how many times the same customer comes to visit this site, and where he or she goes around each time. And will mark the details in the customer's resource of our database. We do not need to calculate how many times each customer has gone visit to our site per month. All these were done by the auto-organize system.

  What's more, after it marked the customers from some details information, the system will also can send an email to our customers about recommended Guild Wars 2 gold promotions or others. For each customer, it will send different email to.

  The new system has run since last week, and as the gw2goldtaker developer said, this will be a historical innovate for all online stores. Which will also brings a revolution for the online games supplier.

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