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Gw2goldtaker.com contribution box is soliciting papers

  Dear Guild Wars 2 players,

  Gw2goldtaker.com worked as a Guild Wars 2 gold trading company is planning to expand its business on Game special column. And now we are soliciting for contributions from all players in the game.

  Solicit contributions requirements:

  1, The manuscript content must be related to Guild Wars 2, no copies, content may not include bad information, and shall not be copied, using rights of the submissions shall be owned by the official.

  2, Basic criteria: article should be over 500 words, there are more than three screenshots or related pictures (not including poetry, video, and other special comic style), and content should be healthy, positive, with fluently language and no grammar errors.


  1, Once your manuscript reached our requirement, it will be displayed in the home page of Gw2goldtaker.com, and you will have the chance to gain Guild Wars 2 gold from our site.

  2, If your manuscripts were accepted by Guild Wars 2 official sites for over 3, then we are glad to invite you join into our expert group, and you'll get the salary with a good income.

  Submission methods

  1. You may send it to our box: [email protected]

  2. Send manuscripts in email form to the our official submission email, and we will review within three working days to complete, and we will inform you by email once your manuscript was accepted with the related manuscript rating and website launch date.

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