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Gw2goldtaker.com gamers’ review of the four races in Guild Wars 2

  1, The relationship between game maps and grade is designed reasonable, I have never deliberately to accomplish a dynamic event, and the basic level is about at level 15 at each map I completed. And after I opened a high-level map, and then went to the new maps to play the dynamic events.

  2, The game's drama is complex. Each character was choosing when creating its own story and different background story plot has a different game.

  This is terrible...Guess that millions of dynamic events on the way to reach level 80, the important events will be recorded in the personal story, and it is hard to meet the players who have the same experience with you.

  3, The game scene is so great.

  Personality, I think the events in PVE are the best, where you can have a deep impression in the four races. And the story of Asura is also very interesting; you may buy some Guild Wars 2 gold to change for some weapons in game. That will help you move faster and gain more achievements.

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